Rather die


She is beautiful, that’s true.

With bright eyes and full lips, long neck and sleek hair

Her skin smooth like polished wood

Her smile so charming, it makes your heart melt


She is indecent, that’s true

With bare cleavage and exposed crack, lost morals and obvious thighs

Her nipples firm like cashew seeds

Her curves so alluring, it makes your organs quake


She is bucolic, that’s true

With unkempt hair and wet nostrils, poor diction and low esteem

Her naiveties sure like a Tyson punch

Her vulnerability so high, it makes your libido rise


She is infantile, that’s true

With small arms and feeble feet, faint voice and little strength

Her innocence real like midday sun

Her body so pristine, it makes your vanity swell


But you are a man, and that too is true

With open eyes and closed zippers, straight feet and tamed desires

Your sanity assumed by passers-by

Your body so restrained, your dignity assured


There’ll never be a worthy cause to look on a woman and exert force

To pierce her garment or hold her throat, or lay her down against her will

No matter who or how she appears

To rape is evil, my friend, rather die.


Sanmi Abiodun – 2016

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