New me, New Ideas

When I set up this blog about a decade ago, I had no idea what it was meant for. It was therefore void of focus and where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. So I abused it. Poured all sorts of junk in it. Poems, articles, write ups, things that belonged here and things that did not.

In a conversation a few days ago, I asked someone who I consider close to me, what she thinks my passion is. She said “people. Effortlessly, Sanmi, your passion is people. You care about people. When I hear you talk about people sometimes, I wonder how you view them so beautifully when they may never have viewed themselves that way”. And then it hit me. This blog was meant for me to write about what I cared about the most, people. My people, your people and the people who have in one way or the other shaped the world where I tread and breathe and take from on a daily basis.

This, I commit to, going forward. Enjoy the read.


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