Beauty in diversity

I had an early appointment today and I was trying to get ready in time. My phone was ringing consistently from the top of somewhere but it was not a priority at the time. Audrey kept calling me. If you have ever been pestered by a child, you may be able to relate with half of what I am saying.


Here is a conversation:

Audrey: “Daddy…”

Me: “Yes”

Audrey: “Daddy”

Me: “Yes”

Audrey: (yelling this time). “Daddy!”

Me: (ignoring her). Mi o ni time fun radarada laaro yii. Mo ni meeting

Audrey: “Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy!!!”

Me: “Yes, how may I help?” (I was beginning to get irritated). Ki ni problem omode yii gan? Can’t she decipher that I am ignoring her intentionally and that I am in a hurry?

Audrey: “I need a bucket and water and soap and sponge…”

Me: “For what?”

Audrey: “I want to wash this cloth…”

Me: (stops abruptly). “You want to wash clothes?” You are four years old and I am about to be thirty four. I have still not gotten to the age where I just want to wash clothes but you are already there??? This can only be a sign from God. (Before I could kneel before God to provide the interpretation of this dream…)

Peyton: (interjects with a loud cry from inside a room) “Daaaaaaaaady… Mamaaaaaaaaaaa…!”

Me: (scampers to find her) “Where are you?” Ki lo tun sele bayii, mo ma ni meeting.

Peyton: I fell down from the stool

Audrey: She was trying to take the Smarties from the drawer and she climbed the stool and she feel down

Me: How did you know? You were with me in the living room

Audrey: She always climbs it. She always takes things herself. She does not ask you first.

Me: She is still a child. Children behave however they like.

Audrey: And me too, I am still a child so can I go and take the bucket and soap and water and sponge by myself now?

Me: Oh wow!

Being privileged to nurture children is a microscope of being privileged to be alive. People, like children have different personalities. While some ask for what they want, others just go for what they want. While some stumble and give up, others ask for help or try something else or stay afraid and try again still. The world is a cocktail of personalities and we owe ourselves a duty to enjoy it all. Treat people the way they want to be treated and not just the way you want to treat them. You will have more peace and make more progress with ease that way.

There are a couple of other nuggets I want to share but mo ni meeting.

See ya!

NB: The photo up there was Audrey and I having a heart to heart conversation. Yes I am in the photo.

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