LIFE & I – Sanmi Abiodun

Sanmi Abiodun

I’m twenty eight

It’s getting late

The world wouldn’t wait

To have a taste

Of what I create

So I should in haste

Hold fast its waist

Exert my weight

Promote my faith

Or live a waste


I’ve walked some miles

But feet are fragile

I must be agile

To remain mobile

Destroy my bile

Control my dial

Heap up a pile

Make people smile

Just be sublime

It’ll be worthwhile


Though I may fumble

Or even stumble

I’ll through the rubble

Attempt a tumble

I’ll try be supple

Ignore the mumble

Eschew the grumble

And life, so subtle

Will find me humble

And bless my hustle



Sanmi Abiodun (2015)

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