Seeds of life

 seeds sanmi abiodun

This month is a seed, invest it

A peephole to your future, respect it

We know the status quo is tiring, detest it

You feel pain, you want gain, suppress it

They may offer cash for your soul, reject it

Throw shades to diss or piss you, deflect it

‘Cause value comes with dignity, expect it


Friendship is a seed, invest it

You know what will help a man, suggest it

He deserted you on the wrong day, forget it

They brought his gist to your table, dissect it

Like before you pay for an item, you inspect it

Rumors are stale or gale, pale or hale, suspect it

‘Cause trust is the new cool, accept it


A good deed is a seed, invest it

Family, they say comes first, protect it

But when strangers need a hug, extend it

Or a beggar needs a coin, expend it

When neighbors crave your faith, project it

Or a shoulder for the faint, present it

‘Cause good seeds will always germinate, bet it

seeds germinate sanmi abiodun

 Sanmi Abiodun

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