My Strawberry – December 24, 2009 at 1:43pm

Sanmi Abiodun

A flower… made me.

Like a sheep at the altar…
Like a thief at the slaughter…
Like He at Golgotha, my mind was rumbling, mumbling and tumbling.
“Should I make a rose out of these ashes? Or should I cling to the ashes of a rose?”

Enough hurry
Too much scurry
Enough flurries
Too much worry

The only thing I couldn’t bare was to hear yet another ‘sorry’.
So I tuned my gaze to the frequency of the vestiges and just like a flash, I spotted something…so beautiful in its crimson tide…so mignon, so cute, so lovable, so adorable.

As I dashed towards it, I was taken aback and then overwhelmed by the joie de vivre of its fragrance.
I picked it in a flicker and words tumbled through my lips, ‘my strawberry’.

As I beheld the freshness of its mien and the lushness of its fleece, I became convinced that being called is human but being chosen can only be divine.


On the wake of the morrow, I beheld my strawberry and even though it made no sounds, everything it muttered, I heard, “Oluwasanmi, you are the best”. “Hmmnnn…” I said, “seasoned words for this season”.

At the break of yesterday, to the cells in my ventricles, my strawberry said, “you will always be celebrated”. “Wow”, I muttered and I hoped it was true as I strode away.

This morning, at the drop of the last dew, I glanced at my strawberry and as I resolved to ignore it, my strawberry opened its petals, dropped a grain, and from the lushness of its pink, I heard, “Sanmi, I’ve got your back but God is all around you”.

Then it struck me, I can’t but tell of the secret of my assurance…my strawberry: the STRongest AWesome one BEhind EvERRYthing.

You are so cute, I can’t keep mute.
‘I love you so much my strawberry. I wish you’ll never wither’.

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