Yes, I’m here – February 1, 2010 at 6:49pm

Sanmi Abiodun

Sanmi Abiodun is different things to different people.

Physically, he is Confident, Tidy and Suave.

He describes himself as a son with a unique vision, a desperate mission and the requisite passion to drive his dream and actually take the world by storm.

He is resolved to transform the current set of the tender generation across the world using the gift of the garb as his tool.

To the family that birthed him, he is Sanmi, the second son among five.

To the University of Ibadan, he is an ambassador who piloted the faculty of law as the president for a year.

To the students at University of Ibadan, he is their representative who participated at The Debaters Reality TV Show.

To his friends, he is a friend indeed who confidently can give an eye for another friend.

To a lot of youths across the nation, he is a role model whose life is like a book to read.

To you, he is just himself…an ambassador from God

To himself, he is a destiny about to happen.

Welcome to the world of uniqueness, truth and honour: traits of a man who aims to transform the world, one person at a time.

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