Who is He?

There are 3 categories of love that should never be undermined on our upward&forward motion to excellence.They are; Love for the father,Love for your fellows and Love for your feelings.

The father;who is he?
He is the Ambassador of the Almighty
The Backbone of the Brave
The Captain of the Conquerors
The Defence of the Defenceless
The Emperor of the Elect
The Forerunner in the Fight of Faith
The Governor of the Great
The Head of all Heroes
The Image of the Invisible God
The Judge of all Justice
The King of all Kingdoms
The Leader of the Legislators
The Master of the Mighty
The Name above all Names
The Overseer of the Overcomers
The Powerful Prince above Principalities and Powers
The Qualifier of d Qualified and the Unqualified
The Ruler of the Regents
The Sovereign over the Supreme
The Timeless Truth above all Teachers
The Umpire of the Universe
The Victor of all Victors
The Wisdom of the All Wise God
The Excellent Exalter in every Examination
The Yeoman over the Yatch
The Zealot at the Zenith

In humble adoration,dire perspiration and full submission to Him who holds the Ace of our lives,we make our solemn commitments!

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