Have you ever wondered why Nigeria is called the giant of Africa?

Over the years, Africa has celebrated Nigeria while Nigerians have treated themselves with disdain, viewing the nation’s population from the eye of a one-eyed pessimist. So much is said by both foreign and indigenous reporters criticizing the quantity of Nigeria’s population but have we taken time to personally critique the same population?

Welcome to an appreciation of the quality of the Nigerian population.

Nigeria is the only nation to have an almost equal gender distribution. Approximately 50% male and 50% female… what a blessing!

47% of Nigeria’s population are teenagers and below, which means that not only do we have a current population to celebrate, the future is also secure… good news!

My favourite part; due to our vast and various population, we have a strong military force serving as a precautionary measure in the event of adversity, we have a large market, hence the influx of foreign investors craving spaces here, and we also have a strong and vibrant labour force.

Nigeria’s population is a gold mine. There is absolutely no type of talent, specie of csuccess or potential for productivity that is not embedded here. From the computer genius; Philip Emegwali to the literary icon; Wole Soyinka. From the mathematical guru; Segun Odegbami to the football hero; Jay Jay Okocha…

Res Ipsa Loquitor!

What a blessing of a population!

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