When citizens refuse to take initiative, should we have to wait for God?

In a nation as religiously volatile as Nigeria, our leaders should be compelled to make laws on dressing firstly because we have proven that we prefer to convert private property (our bodies) to public liabilities , and that has resulted in various crimes.

Also, Sudan, through Article 152 of her Criminal Code enacted a similar law in 1991 and the rate of sexual offences has reduced drastically. But in Nigeria, our sisters are still violated, our fiancés are raped! What exactly are our leaders waiting for?

We may recognize the freedom of expression and initiative, but as Thomas Fortune said in 1927, necessity supersedes all laws. It has therefore become imperative that our leaders step into the arena of conflict and salvage the situation. The earlier our leaders take responsibility, the better for us.

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  1. teenagersclass says:

    A father that has not clothed his children has no right to question what they wear. So is a government that has not fed his people – Fola Daniel Adelesi, Debater 5

  2. Josephine says:

    Is it for the sole purpose of reducing the rate of sexual offences in Nigeria that the government should enact laws regulating dressing? While the law is as much a custodian and defender of public good and welfare, as well as morality, a line should be drawn demarcating what is morally (ir)reprehensible from what is in the overall welfare of the society. The latter is the sole province of the law while the former should at best be left to instituions of social works such as the family, religious institution and even schools.
    Based on this, i don’t think the business of reguating dressing is the business of our legislators, not when there are more pressing issues to deal with, as the Niger-Delta crises, etc.

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