October 16, 2004, I saw the nakedness of my dearest uncle, Uncle kay, not in his bathroom but at the prestigious Heathrow Airport in London. He was being subjected by the officials of the British Immigration Service to a routine strip search, strictly for Nigerians. I was ashamed to be one.
Foreign reporters have nothing good to say about us. Even President Bill Clinton of the United States, said in his book, “My life”, that Nigeria is a nation characterized by power outage. Fellow Nigerians, that has been our brand. But would we not rather embrace a rebrand? Are we going to sit back wondering if a rebrand will be beneficial?
Consider this, after rebranding, our children will be able to get the education that we desire and they deserve. You and I will stop thinking about foreign hospitals for intensive medical care. The stigma on us as being naturally and potentially corrupt will be eradicated. We will become confident in our nationality. Do these benefits not justify rebranding? They do.
So let’s stop talking, let’s start walking and let’s start working.
Together we can realize the innocent dreams of our childhood.
Together we can establish Nigeria once again as the Giant of Africa.
Together we can bequeath a better heritage for our children yet unborn.
We may not make it in a day, we may not even make it in a year but we will make it.

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