seeds sanmi abiodun

This month is a seed, invest it

A peephole to your future, respect it

We know the status quo is tiring, detest it

You feel pain, you want gain, suppress it

They may offer cash for your soul, reject it

Throw shades to diss or piss you, deflect it

‘Cause value comes with dignity, expect it


Friendship is a seed, invest it

You know what will help a man, suggest it

He deserted you on the wrong day, forget it

They brought his gist to your table, dissect it

Like before you pay for an item, you inspect it

Rumors are stale or gale, pale or hale, suspect it

‘Cause trust is the new cool, accept it


A good deed is a seed, invest it

Family, they say comes first, protect it

But when strangers need a hug, extend it

Or a beggar needs a coin, expend it

When neighbors crave your faith, project it

Or a shoulder for the faint, present it

‘Cause good seeds will always germinate, bet it

seeds germinate sanmi abiodun

 Sanmi Abiodun


Sanmi Abiodun

I’m twenty eight

It’s getting late

The world wouldn’t wait

To have a taste

Of what I create

So I should in haste

Hold fast its waist

Exert my weight

Promote my faith

Or live a waste


I’ve walked some miles

But feet are fragile

I must be agile

To remain mobile

Destroy my bile

Control my dial

Heap up a pile

Make people smile

Just be sublime

It’ll be worthwhile


Though I may fumble

Or even stumble

I’ll through the rubble

Attempt a tumble

I’ll try be supple

Ignore the mumble

Eschew the grumble

And life, so subtle

Will find me humble

And bless my hustle



Sanmi Abiodun (2015)


MY STRAWBERRY – Sanmi Abiodun

A flower… made me.

Like a sheep at the altar…

Like a thief at the slaughter…

Like He at Golgotha, my mind was rumbling, mumbling and tumbling.

‘Should I make a rose out of these ashes? Or should I cling to the ashes of a rose?’

Enough hurry

Too much scurry

Enough flurries

Too much worry

The only thing I couldn’t bare was to hear yet another ‘sorry’.

So I tuned my gaze to the frequency of the vestiges and just like a flash, I spotted something…so beautiful in its crimson tide…so mignon, so cute, so lovable, so adorable.

As I dashed towards it, I was taken aback and then overwhelmed by the joie de vivre of its fragrance.

I picked it in a flicker and words tumbled through my lips, ‘my strawberry’.

As I beheld the freshness of its mien and the lushness of its fleece, I became convinced that being called is human but being chosen can only be divine.


On the wake of the morrow, I beheld my strawberry and even though it made no sounds, everything it muttered, I heard, ‘Oluwasanmi, you are the best’. ‘Hmmnnn…’ I said, ‘seasoned words for this season’.

At the break of yesterday, to the cells in my ventricles, my strawberry said, ‘you will always be celebrated’. ‘Wow’, I muttered and I hoped it was true as I strode away.

This morning, at the drop of the last dew, I glanced at my strawberry and as I resolved to ignore it, my strawberry opened its petals, dropped a grain, and from the lushness of its pink, I heard, ‘Sanmi, I’ve got your back but God is all around you’

Then it struck me, I can’t but tell of the secret of my assurance…my strawberry: the STRongest AWesome one BEhind EvERRYthing.

You are so cute, I can’t keep mute.

‘I love you so much my strawberry. I wish you’ll never wither’.




Jewel unravelled,

It’s obscure and mysterious

It’s not infatuation and sure, not lust

It’s a lonely feeling

But it’s only a feeling

It comes bright as summer

But goes dashed as the golf

It’s like a lovely harvest

With the tither in mind

It’s like the pay

With the tax in mind

All the banter

All the joshing

Just in store, for a date

It ain’t fortuitous

You are curvaceous

Knowing so much about you

Owing so much about me

But all you need to know…

You are the synonym of my heart

Interpret to your taste

Make sure it’s your meaning

But this you have to ‘cognize

It’s all about you

The most complex being

Suiting all the tangs

A jewel

A relished jewel

A jewel jewels call “the jewel”

A jewel being jewel of jewels

If loving you is criminal

Being born is worse

A continuous melody to my soul

A continuous trail to my sole

A continuous harmony in my ears

If not heard, it will be tears

If asked if I were in love

I would say love is in me

It’s the breeze I feel

It’s the bliss you give

It sounds grotesque, doesn’t it?

Ask no questions

It’s from me

It’s for you.

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