Inner vision


Like The ocean waves sailing towards the bed, first in soft spasms and then erupting in strong torrential currents, both without any visible paddle, captain or saddle. So are you directed by unseen hands of the All knowing and All Sufficient one. What comfort!

Your thoughts are valid and rightly so, but all you need realize, “you are not alone”. Through the lonely moments, the lowly moments and even the lovely moments, there lies beside you Jesus your friend taking a walk with you. Right ahead of you is the Holy Spirit guiding you and showing the way, clearing the thicks of the forest just before you take those strides. And behind you is God Himself watching your back, nudging you on and blowing strength and vitality in adequate measure on you. You are never on your own.

You were deliberately constructed in this manner, and I visualize accurate dimensions being specified by God as the making of another World strong woman was going on, “Stuff her with values, with virtue and with valour. She will be a mother to many, a respected professional across Africa and beyond. She will be the source of joy, fulfilment, wisdom, inspiration, solace, strength, help, love and knowledge for many. She needs to have it all from now. I have increased her capacity so you just go ahead and pour it all there. She can take it all. I know we haven’t made anyone like this since Deborah, Esther, Mother Theresa, Juanita Bynum and her mother but its okay. Remember the set up of those people, just copy their strengths and virtues and paste on this one. This one has to be not only full but perfect. And remember she’s going to be spending about 70 years in that lawyer boy’s arms so you need to increase her patience, tolerance and love levels too. That boy could be quite a piece of work sometimes.” Here you are, without any mistakes in your making! Everything you are, see and feel is exactly how Heaven decided it should be the month you were born.

Come home!

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