Its wild, it’s witty, it chokes and it kills. It’s not found everywhere but it’s like that everywhere it’s found. Disorganized and wicked, it ravages the crops, the animals and the environment. You just cannot see through and neither can you seep through. Your mind cannot comprehend it because your eyes cannot behold it. It shuts your eyes, with or without your consent and mixes with its director although it’s not obedient. It’s not the gospel… it’s the dust.
As terrible as the dust is, it has an elder brother. Stronger in muscle and well built. Spreading fast, its highly destructive and leaves a paint on everything that comes in contact with it. Equally driven by the wind but not controlled by it. It tries to rival the power of the sun but where are the tears beside the ocean? The snail has a horn but why not knock down a man? Its fierceness is great but not beside the sun. It’s none other. Still not the gospel… it is fire.
The fire is powerful, but what about the sun? They both provide heat, i think. But what happens to the plants under the control of either of them? The sun constructs but the fire destroys. The sun blesses but the fire is dangerous. I guess they both give light but what is the fire’s surface area beside that of the sun? The butterfly thinketh itself a bird.
Now here’s the question. You are another of God’s creation. Are you dust, fire or the sun? Why not be a good combination. Have the effect of dust, the ferocity of fire and impact like the sun. What you have to do is unadorned. If you can’t keep the attributes to yourself, give them to the gospel. Make it of great and grievous effect, be ferocious in doing it and make it both impactful and constructive.
It’s a cycle, it will come back to you and you will never regret it
See you at the top.

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  1. Mj says:

    Wow! Brilliant

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